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"Sales is hard, we look to improve the workflow wherever we can. We help sales based businesses improve their workflow and increase their outreach, exponentially. We believe SMS is the future of marketing & there is nothing more effective than a ding on your customers cell phones."

David Barnathan, CTO of Entrance Group

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Trusted by sales industries

Shay M
Business Financing

"With Entrance Group, my company is able to reach 50x more people, and focus on customers with sales that we can make today, 10/10."

Nigel S.
Real Estate

"Entrance has given me a level of lead generation that I have not seen in decades of the sales business. Within several hours their technology did the work of 10 commissioned sales guys, first adding to their performance and outperforming them at the same time Unbelievable idea with synergistic execution. Entirely faultless. 10 out of 10"

Patrice M.

"Entrance lowered my bottom line, & gave me features I didn't know a small business can get"

John L.

"Entrance tripled my outreach overnight. We are able to reach only the interested people and easily filter out the bad."

Matthew P.

"Entrance has given me the ability to automatically reach my customers without paying pricy marketing firms."


SMS Marketing. SMS is the future, messages have a 99% open rate.


Reach. You can reach significantly more people with automated messaging.


Targeting. You can target your clients individually with the information you have about them.

Trusted by 100 world's best companies


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