Why do I have to do this

  1. Carriers are ceasing to support unregistered traffic's deliverability.

Is this just for me

  1. All customers on Entrance and entities that conduct SMS are affected.

Are there going to be new fees

  1. There will be registration fees. However, we are waiving these fees temporarily for existing customers.

Is everyone who is doing SMS marketing doing this

  1. If they weren't already registered for 10DLC then they will be soon as American carriers dramatically reduce the deliverability unregistered traffic.

Your competitor X is not making me do this.

  1. It is only a matter of time until any online SMS service advises you to complete a 10DLC registration. Since carriers are phasing out support for unregistered SMS traffic and simultaneously lowering the deliverability rate - it is inevitable that businesses conducting any form of SMS communications will be registered on 10 DLC.

Will messages still be sent to spam?

  1. 10DLC will lower spam rate however it will not eliminate it altogether - 10DLC is subject to the same filters that carriers have in place - that is to say that if your messages are being reported as spam those messages will be treated as such regardless of your registration status.

I don’t want to do this

  1. In order to continue conducting online SMS marketing in the future, traffic will need to be registered.

Will you be getting my registration information

  1. We will be safely handling your registration information in order submit it to carriers and then we will discard it after the application process is complete.

Are there going to be any benefits if I register

  1. You will be able to continue to conduct your SMS marketing with higher throughput in some cases.

I don't have answers to the registration questions

  1. Contact Us and we will assist you in the registration process.

I am just an employee at a big company and I cant register my whole company

  1. A personal registration type is coming soon. Contact Us and we will assist you in the registration process.

I want to remain anonymous 

  1. The only people who have access to 10DLC registration information are the campaign registry, and independent registry for company information, they do not release or share any information. Customers you message will not have access to your registration information.

Will my traffic be allowed on 10DLC

  1. A short sample text is required for registration and will be a good indication once you pass the verification process.

Will the Campaign Registry be contacting me

  1. You will not be contacted by the campaign registry as part of the registration process.

Will the people I text be getting my registration information

  1. No, the registration information will shared with the campaign registry only 

I do not trust 10DLC

  1. 10DLC was put into place to protect consumers and businesses alike by creating a dedicated channel for A2P or Application to Person messaging. If you’d like to learn more or have any questions please contact us

What is unregistered traffic

  1. Unregistered traffic categorizes the conversations/activity that is conducted using phone numbers that were rented on the web without any personal form of 10DLC registration.

Why was I previously unregistered? I am registered on Entrance.

  1. Unregistered traffic is used to describe the traffic from the carriers’ point of view. To the carriers, a number that is rented on Entrance by organization A or B is identified as an unregistered number. Once 10DLC is active, those numbers are linked to a brand and campaign.

What if I do absolutely nothing

  1. If you take no action - you will see increased filtering over time, carriers have NOT indicated a ban on unregistered traffic at this time

Who is 10DLC

  1. 10DLC is a designation given to the 10 digit long code number in the context of A2P or Application to Person messaging.

What is the campaign registry

  1. The Campaign Registry (TCR) is a central hub for Application-to-Person 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) messaging campaigns

Will I still be able to reply to my customers on 10DLC

  1. Yes.

Does every campaign I register require individual approval

  1. No

I don’t have a single brand

  1. Please contact Us and we will answer any questions you may have and assist you in the registration process. 

All my reps have their own account and I won't be registering my business

  1. A personal registration type may be applicable to your needs. Contact Us and we will assist you in the registration process.

I don't have a tax EIN

  1. Contact Us and we will assist you in the registration process.

Do I have to sign an agreement?

  1. No, the registration process does not include a signed agreement and only serves to allow you to operate your SMS marketing on the designated channel (A2P).


  • At this time until June 15th we are offering a one time temporary discount to register for 10DLC for the cost of $100 and will be assessed once you register your brand
  • After June 15, there will be an annual fee of $350

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