What is 10DLC - A2P?

10DLC, not to be confused with describing a 10 digit phone number, is a

system that American cellular service carriers have established to deliver A2P

(Application to Person/Business to person) text messages.

10DLC operates using the same pool of phone numbers Entrance customers

are already accustomed to

10DLC exists to ensure deliverability of business texting by separating the

usage type from person to person and unregistered traffic altogether.

As you may have noticed, carriers have recently begun increased message

filtering. This is due to the new 10DLC system.

At this time, all traffic and campaigns on Entrance are sent via unregistered 10

digit phone numbers, a product and practice that has been available and

standard for decades. Due to regulations and significant upticks

in foreign malicious activity via SMS scams, all American senders will be

required to register themselves and their campaigns/brands with the 10DLC


Once registered, you will experience uninterrupted service.

T-mobile 10DLC post

Do I need to register?


Cellular Carriers continue request businesses register their traffic

Entrance will be providing every customer with the tools needed to register

so they can be fully equipped to continue to text their customers with the same great deliverability you are used to .

Register here

Once registered, please complete the payment to ensure your 10DLC registration is processed correctly

Pay for Registration

What if I don’t register?

Entrance will continue to support the continued operation of SMS services to

unregistered customers, however they may see decreased deliverability as time goes on.

Registration for 10DLC will entail registering your brand (business) and your

campaign use cases with The Campaign Registry. Once registered and

processed your brand will be awarded a trust score.

What is brand registration?

Brands are how the 10DLC and The Campaign Registry refers to a business

What is a use case?

The type of campaign you intend to run. 

List of standard campaign use cases


Any authentication or account verification such as OTP

Account Notifications

Notifications about the status of an account or related to being a part of an account

Customer Care

Support, account management, and other avenues of customer interaction

Delivery Notifications

Information about the status of a delivery

Fraud Alert Messaging

Messaging about potential fraudulent activity such as spending alerts

Higher Education

Message campaigns from colleges, universities, and other education institutions


Promotional content such as sales and limited time offers


A campaign that covers multiple use cases such as Customer Care and Delivery Notifications.  Note - mixed campaigns are likely to have lower throughput and a higher cost per message.

Polling and voting

For conducting polling and voting, such as customer surveys. Not for political use.

Public Service Announcement

PSAs to raise audience awareness about a given topic

Security Alert

Notification of a compromised system (software or hardware related)


What is a trust score?

A trust score will determine your brands allotted, throughput based on the

accuracy of your information provided at registration, and the content of your

campaigns provided they do not contain fraudulent or spam content.


Do I need to buy new phone numbers?

No, 10DLC operates using the same pool of phone numbers you are

accustomed to .

What information is required to register ?

Get started here

New Fees

  • At this time until June 15th we are offering a one time temporary discount to register for 10DLC for the cost of $100 and will be assessed once you register your brand
  • After June 15, there will be an annual fee of $350

Additionally, and unregistered traffic sent after July 1 will be billed at an increased rate

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