Adding users to your workspace

Creating an account for a workspace with multiple users

If you are creating an account with the intention of adding multiple users they can be added during the account creation process.

To add a user during the account creation process you will only need to know their Email address. You may also add their call forwarding number at this point or later on if necessary. The direct dial (call forwarding) number added to this field will be used in the event a customer chooses to call the number they received a text message from.

The claims system will automatically forward incoming calls to the correct user i.e. the user who claimed the conversation.

See Getting familiar with the claims system

Adding users to an existing workspace

If you have an account and want to add a user to your workspace you may do so by opening the workspace page and then selecting manage users. To add a user click the "Add user" button. The user you added will receive an email to confirm their invitation and create their account.

Users you intend to invite should not create an account any other way if they already have please contact support.

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