Tips for formatting your spreadsheet

Spreadsheet formatting

Properly formatted customer data is a prerequisite for any business but is especially important when communicating with Entrance. 

A properly formatted spreadsheet is easy to read.

When you are uploading data to the Entrance platform it is important to make sure of a few things.

An example of a simple spreadsheet

1. A column labeled name exists which contains your customers name

You may also use two columns - one for each first and last name

2. A column labeled number exists which contains your customers cell phone number

3. Any customer data you intend to use for personalized messages is uniform and properly labeled. This will allow you to craft the most effective customized messages.

For the spreadsheet above - a message could be crafted like such.

Hey {name}, Ernesto from Ernesto’s Home and Yard Repair here. I know I repaired your {repair type} in {month} but I just wanted to wish you happy holidays and make sure you knew about our holiday special - any repairs scheduled before new years will be 20 percent off. Take Care! - Ernesto.

If your data exists with additional columns that you did not intend to use for your custom messaging you do not have to worry - Entrance will only include data you reference in messages. You will also be given a chance to preview any messages before sending out a large scale campaign.

If you have multiple numbers per contact and you are unsure which is the cell number you may add another column called “Number2” spelled exactly like that. Entrance will understand that it is a fallback number in the event “Number” does not go through.

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