How to Do SMS Marketing for Free

How to Do SMS Marketing for Free

While many SMS marketing platforms require a subscription or charge per message, there are ways to start SMS marketing for free, especially if you are a small business or just starting out. Here’s a guide on how to do SMS marketing without incurring significant costs.

1. Use Free Accounts with Pay-As-You-Go Options

Some SMS marketing platforms offer free accounts with no monthly fees, and you only pay for the messages you send. This allows you to control your costs and scale your spending based on your usage. Entrance Group offers such an option, allowing you to start for free and only pay for the SMS messages you send.

2. Leverage Free Open Source SMS Gateways

Open source SMS gateways allow you to send SMS messages without relying on commercial platforms. Examples include:

  • Gammu: Gammu is an open source SMS gateway that you can set up on your server to send messages.
  • Kannel: Kannel is another open source WAP and SMS gateway that can be used to send messages.

These solutions require some technical know-how to set up but can be cost-effective for sending SMS.

3. Use Email-to-SMS Gateways

Many mobile carriers provide email-to-SMS gateways that allow you to send text messages via email. You can send an email to a specific address, which then converts the email to an SMS and delivers it to the recipient's phone. The format is usually something like [phonenumber]@[carrier's SMS gateway domain]. For example:

  • AT&T: [phonenumber]
  • Verizon: [phonenumber]
  • T-Mobile: [phonenumber]

To use this method, you'll need to collect your customers' phone numbers and carrier information.

4. Google Voice

Google Voice offers a free service that allows you to send text messages to individual recipients. While not suitable for bulk SMS campaigns, it can be useful for personalized, one-on-one communication.

5. Free Messaging Apps with SMS Integration

Some free messaging apps offer SMS integration that can be used for marketing purposes. Examples include:

  • WhatsApp Business: While not exactly free SMS, WhatsApp Business allows you to send messages to customers who have opted in to receive updates via WhatsApp.
  • Viber: Viber offers a business solution that allows for messaging, though it may have some costs involved.

6. Building Your Subscriber List

To maximize the effectiveness of your free SMS marketing efforts, focus on building a strong subscriber list:

  • Online Forms: Use free tools like Google Forms or free versions of email marketing platforms like Mailchimp to create sign-up forms on your website.
  • Text-to-Join Campaigns: Use simple keywords that customers can text to your Google Voice number or free SMS gateway to join your SMS list.
  • In-Store Sign-Ups: Collect phone numbers from customers in your physical store through sign-up sheets or during checkout.

7. Crafting Your Messages

Keep your messages concise and engaging. Focus on providing value to your recipients with exclusive offers, important updates, or useful information. Personalization can increase engagement, even with limited resources.

8. Tracking and Optimizing

While free methods may lack advanced analytics, you can manually track responses and engagement. Keep a log of sent messages and any responses or actions taken by recipients to measure effectiveness. Use this information to optimize your future messages.


While there are limitations to free SMS marketing methods, they can be a viable option for small businesses or those just starting out. By leveraging free accounts with pay-as-you-go options like Entrance Group, you get access to top quality SMS routes, and best-in-class features that will help your business save time.

You can also use open source gateways, email-to-SMS services, and messaging apps, you can begin SMS marketing without incurring significant costs. Focus on building a strong subscriber list, crafting engaging messages, and tracking results to maximize your efforts. As your business grows, consider investing in a more robust SMS marketing platform to scale your campaigns.

If you need assistance with setting up compliant and effective SMS marketing campaigns, Entrance Group can help. We offer free accounts where you only pay for the messages you send, providing a cost-effective way to get started. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored SMS marketing solutions.

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