Understanding the Entrance billing system


Accounts are billed for each outgoing segment sent on the platform.

In this pricing system, you pay for segments, and the cost per segment changes based on the amount you use in a given month. There are different pricing tiers, and once you reach a certain tier (based on the number of segments used), you'll be charged the lower rate for all segments used that month.

You need to pre-load funds into your account, and as you use segments, the cost will be deducted from your balance. The billing is done monthly, and you'll receive a statement detailing your usage, the cost incurred, and the remaining balance in your account. This system is designed to offer lower costs per segment as you increase your usage, making it a more cost-effective option for heavy users.

Let's say you use 5,000 segments in a month. You would be charged at the rate of 3.7 cents per segment, as that is the rate for the tier that corresponds to 1,001-5,000 segments. So, the total cost for the 5,000 segments would be 5,000 x 3.7 cents = $185. And this amount would be deducted from your pre-loaded balance. At the end of the month, you'll receive a statement that shows your usage of 5,000 segments, the cost incurred of $185, and the updated balance in your account.

A message can sometimes be more than one segment depending on the amount of characters in the message and whether the message contains special characters or emojis. What is a segment?

$3.00 / number / month

A monthly fee ($3.00) for each number reserved by a workspace (no additional fee per user).

All inbound SMS messages are free.

MMS / picture messages cost ¢4 per message - inbound and outbound.

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